Most natural fibres are also more durable than synthetics

If you love clothes that feel good on the skin and fabrics that let the body breathe, come and see us at Ravir in Blackheath.  We're known for our great range of natural clothing in styles that have a distinctive edge. At Ravir we believe that natural fibres are better for the body than synthetic fibres.  Not only that, but they feel good.  Many of our customers agree, citing breathable fabrics, low body odour, the fact that these fibres are kind to the skin, and the fact that they don't take such as toll on the environment as synthetic fabrics.

... we're not purists by any means

Hemp for example is renowned for its long life.  It's not uncommon to have customers come in who are wearing a hemp garment that's ten years old.  Other fabrics - such as bamboo - are silky smooth and have natural anti-bacterial properties.  In bamboo socks your feet don't smell.

Sometimes we make exceptions to the rule and bring in clothing made from man-made fibres, just because we think it will work with natural styles we have.

The other factor to our success is sourcing clothes to suit more mature shapes.  Much of women's fashion today is too skimpy, too short, too body hugging.  At Ravir we love sourcing clothes that help a mature woman look and feel beautiful.

Hardly a day goes past when we don't get compliments  about our range of our styles and fabrics and the fact that they're different.

Men, too, will generally find something they like, whether it's a shirt made of bamboo or hemp, a chunky wool jumper, socks or gloves, or hemp baggies.

Next time you're in the beautiful Blue Mountains, come in and see for yourself why people come from far and wide to shop at Ravir. You'll find us in the peaceful village of Blackheath, a short distance west of Katoomba.