Are we happy to be slow?


We’re thrilled, tickled pink, over the moon – I could go on – to find we’ve been included in Blue Mountains Slow Fashion brochure.

An initiative of Slow Food Blue Mountains, the group’s manifesto, written by Brisbane agricultural scientist Jane Milburn, includes the following advice when searching for fashion:

THINK – make thoughtful, kind, informed choices
UNIQUE – be creative, original, cultivate individual style, UNFOLLOW
QUALITY - buy well once, reduce, the value remains as price is forgotten
CARE – mend, patch, sort, sponge, WASH LESS, use cold water, LINE DRY
LOCAL – support local makers, those with good stories, fair trade
ADAPT – re-fashion, eco-dye, create new from old to suit yourself
SALVAGE – donate, rag, weave, recycle or compost.

Wonderful to be a part of this movement which suggests the choice of what we wear is a crucial part of caring for the Earth.