Toorallie Wool Denim

Wool denim for warmth this winter

toorallie ando jean almond.jpg

This winter, iconic Australian knitwear designer/manufacturer Toorallie has extended it's popular wool/denim range of pants for both men and women. 

toorallie ando jean ink.jpg

For men, the traditional five-pocket jean is available in a range of colours, including black, graphite and ink. There is also a lighter weight chino for men available this winter. Both have a 20% wool component, making these garments significantly warmer than traditional denim.

toorallie chino tan.jpg

For women there are three styles in wool/denim this winter. The five-pocket jean is available at Ravir in graphite, ink and black, and the much-loved pull-on is available in some exciting new colours including khaki and silver. The third style is a slim-leg five-pocket pant.

toorallie portland khaki.jpg

The Toorallie pants are selling fast and last year we couldn’t get enough, and certain colours and sizes ran out, so don’t leave it too late to grab your favourite style and colour.

toorallie bendigo black.jpg
toorallie swansea slim jean.jpg

Ravir also stocks a range of Toorallie knitwear for men and women in fine merino.

Reversible Skirts

mahashe reversbile meadow.jpg

Ravir's favourite skirt for the past few summers has been the reversible wrap skirt.

The reversible skirt is a perfect garment for summer due to it's bright and colourful fabrics and as it is made from 100% cotton, it is breathable and light to wear. The best thing about it though, is that if you flip it to the reverse side, you get two skirts in one!

mahashe reversible black.jpg

Every design has two very wearable and interesting fabric patterns and each year there has been more and more beautiful fabrics. 

This skirt has a curved panel design in the back so it is flattering from behind. It is also A-lined shaped at the front and is fitted to perfection. 

mahashe reversible blossom.jpg

It is so easy to get dressed in this skirt, as it has four buttons at the front that easily clip open and closed - so you don't have to bend over or even take off your shoes to put it on! 

We love to pair this skirt with a shorter top as wearing a longer top would cut off the skirt and take away from the beautiful design and fabric. 

mahashe reversible lotus.jpg

Our customers come back every summer looking for these brilliant garments - even though they already have a couple from previous years!

mahashe revserivle orange.jpg

Why Men Love Ravir's Clothing

MST1722 WHITE2.jpg

When men come into Ravir Boutique, they often comment on the size of the menswear section.

“This is it!?” they say with a grin.

MST1727 BLUE1.jpg

But while it’s small compared to the women’s range, there are some gems which bring men back year after year.

In summer it’s the hemp/cotton and bamboo/cotton shirts, as well as the hemp shorts and pants. In winter it’s the merino denim pants and the wonderful range of possum/merino knitwear that brings them back. And this year Toorallie’s fine merino tees and short-sleeve polos are taking off.

Ravir has stocked the Braintree range of hemp clothing for many years, and there are men who love the choice of natural fibres produced by this company each season.

MST1723 GREEN1.jpg

A common complaint from the men – as well as many of our women customers -  is that they can’t find anything similar in mainstream shops. There’s far too much synthetic clothing around and men seem to appreciate their small corner of Ravir because of the natural fibres we provide.

Ravir’s summer delivery from Braintree Clothing will be in store by late October.

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