About us

If you love clothes that feel good on the skin and fabrics that let the body breathe, come and see us at Ravir.  We're known for our range of natural clothing in styles that have a distinctive edge. At Ravir we believe that natural fibres are better for the body than synthetic fibres.  They also feel good.  Our customers agree, citing breathable fabrics, low body odour, and the fact that these fibres are kind to the skin. Just as important for our staff is the fact that they are kinder to the planet than synthetics.

We do make exceptions to the rule, and occasionally bring in clothing made from man-made fibres, usually because we can't find a suitable alternative.

Hardly a day goes past when we don't get compliments about our range of styles and fabrics and the quality of the garments.

For men we source shirts and pants  made from cotton, linen, bamboo or hemp, and a range of quality knitwear made from merino and other natural fibres, including possum/merino. We also stock merino/denim pants for both women and men.